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Tree Health Assessment

You may have concerns that your tree is unhealthy.

Arbor Care can perform a tree health assessment so you can find out.

Before you call us, there are signs you can check for:

  • Cavities: Holes in branches or around the trunk, your tree could be in serious trouble.
  • Discolored Leaves: If your tree exhibits unusual leaf colors, it could be infested by pests that are damaging it.
  • Leafless or Broken Branches: Unless it is colder or a different season, a tree should have leaves. A tree without is most likely an unhealthy tree. Broken branches could be an early warning sign that part, if not all, of your tree isn’t doing very well.
  • Damage: Whether caused by humans or pests, any damage done to a tree affects its health. If you notice what looks like sawdust, chewed leaves or holes in the bark, the tree may need to be pruned or removed.
  • Mushrooms: Even though mushrooms seem to be harmless, many can be a sign that your tree is might be on its way out. If you see them on the branches, roots or trunk, please don’t hesitate to contact Arbor Care.

By finding out how healthy your tree is, we can determine if it poses a threat or not. If your tree is found to be unhealthy, we may be able to bring it back to health or it may need to be removed. We will check for tree defects and conditions affecting the likelihood of failure. Arbor Care will also inspect the crown and branches, the trunk, as well as the roots and root collar.


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